With skills that span from object to urban scale, I am a landscape architect and narrative designer working on projects with a user-experience approach. The perception of spaces by people – who are not only going to use them, but to experience them – is what instigates me the most. My ability to creatively transpose metaphors into different media informs the final design of my narrative-imbued (and sometimes playful) work.

Italo-Brazilian, I have a BA in Architecture & Urbanism from University of São Paulo (USP) and more recently moved to London, where I graduated in MA Narrative Environments at Central Saint Martins (UAL). Since 2012 I have been working in landscape architecture practices in São Paulo & London, and developed interior design projects in Brazil independently. Both academically and in the professional world I have experience in working as part of interdisciplinary and multi-cultural teams, which has broadened my vision towards more well-informed design solutions.

With an artistic flair, hands-on making skills and great attention to detail, I am a rounded professional committed to the teams I work with and passionate about the causes I believe in. I increasingly aim to combine my user-centred approach to spatial design with an artistic, poetic language to create engaging spaces that will enhance people’s experience of the city.



The focus of my work lies in the intersection between public spaces – as the most accessible realm where people from different realities can interact; design – as a tool for improving daily lives and for social change; and art – as a language that can deeply reach people through an emotional bond.

I have always thought there is more to Architecture and Landscape Design than merely bricks and concrete, measurements and function. Designed spaces have the power to absorb one into a whole new atmosphere, to bring people together, to allure, to raise awareness around a cause, to connect with one’s emotions, to sparkle a conversation. As a spatial designer I firmly believe that my role is not simply to put up walls, but to shape experiences.


a fine line separates architecture from art, urban space from poetry

that’s exactly where I aim to reach