evolving beauty

What if we could wear something alive?


Wear a living material that responds to you. Let it reciprocate the love you give it by turning into your own, unique second skin. As the next step in bio-couture, materials are not synthesised from living creatures:

they are themselves A L I V E.

Inspired by current break-throughs such as the development of bio-degradable clothes and fabrics grown out of kombucha bacteria, we take yet one step further to envision the future of beauty and fashion. The brief developed for an exhibition at the recently inaugurated YI-HAUS retail centre (Shanghai) excitingly meets a new concept in high-end retail experience. Here costumers are involved in a thought-provoking environment and presented with wondrous, yet thrillingly plausible scenarios of what the next evolution of beauty will be.

As one of the scenarios presented at the exhibition, our short film ‘ALIVE’ explores how our relationship with fashion could change in a future scenario of wearing living materials. Could we wear something alive? Would we develop feelings for clothes if we had to nurture them like plants or pets? How would this impact the fast-fashion movement of nearly disposable clothes?  And what if garments could respond to our emotions – and even die?

Take a deep breath.

Your second skin is breathing too.


Beatriz Mickle

+ Angela Mathis│Noemi Gunea│Vishanka Gandhi│Linda Awuku

MA Narrative Environments + MA Material Futures

Central Saint Martins, UAL

industry partner: YI-HOUSE (Shanghai, China)

where this project was exhibited