itajaçu residence

Landscape architecture project including the design and implementation of gardens around renovated residence in São Paulo. The project is characterised by sinuous lines and exuberant tropical vegetation with dense foliage. The swimming pool area features species well adapted to water, while ground cover plants grow in between the external staircase steps.

Profusion of colours and textures adds a sense of depth to this garden, while the composition of shrubs and detailed paving design configure different areas within the scheme. Palm trees add a sense of height and balance the scale of the space, which can be contemplated from the generous windows on the residence’s upper floor.


Beatriz Mickle

+ Carolina Leonelli│Gabriela Tamari│Ruth Troncarelli│Fernanda Adams

⌈via Oficina2mais

parceria paisagismo: Thea Standerski

arquitetura: Elias Nagib Bouchabki