urban cartographies

Sounds, colours, lights, textures, smoke, shapes. What are cities other than a continuous sensorial experience, in which we find ourselves immersed every day? In search of the poetic essence of urban life, we have taken the course syllabus of AUP 369 – Poéticas da Deriva Urbana subject as an opportunity to explore the streets of São Paulo through urban dérive, in a procedure tracing back to the Situationist International.

The impressions collected were translated into a series of graphic expressions exploring techniques such as frottage, silkscreen, collage, letterpress and block printing. The material was then compiled into an A5 booklet that not only gathers it, but adds a sense of discovery as one opens up the booklet.

Carefully designed, support and book binding provide the reader different ways of exploring the object. Small fragments are revealed little by little, in the very same way our daily experience of the city around us happens: through traces and flashes kept in the mind’s eye. It is only when we adopt a different perspective, that the city unfolds before us and can be perceived as a whole.


Beatriz Mickle