butantã apartament

Interior design project for the apartment of a young businesswoman and chef in São Paulo. Through the demolition and repositioning of certain walls, the project has rendered better fluidity and a more spacious feel to the apartment, while allowing more natural light in. The en-suite bedroom was enlarged, with the creation of walk-in closet and home-office space. Additionally, the kitchen was integrated to the living room to provide a continuous environment to receive friends for gastronomic experiences, which are extended to the balcony.

Built-to-measure doors, furniture and storage space were designed for the kitchen, living room and bedrooms as to maximise space usage in a functional way while suiting the client’s lifestyle. The project has also included lighting design and a choice of contemporary & urban surface materials – such as concrete effect flooring and mosaic cement tiles.


Beatriz Mickle

status: renovated

2014 – 2015