sobrado coronel esmédio

Landscape architecture project for the external areas of a 19th century listed building in Porto Feliz – Brazil, as part of its restoration and conversion into the Museu das Monções museum. The reconfiguration of the open spaces around the mansion sought to create a pedestrian connection between the two adjacent streets, while capitalising on the difference in street levels. Wide steps double function as seats and gradually elevate the visitor’s gaze, unveiling views to the historic building as one approaches.

Carefully positioned vegetation frames the views to the new museum. Great emphasis was placed in the material palette for this project: the varying floor textures and Corten steel of the architectural extensions create a contemporary contrast with the white-finished pisé walls of the listed building. Additionally, a water feature connects different levels of open spaces and creates a playful sense of direction, streaming down all the way to the lower level entrance.


Winning architectural project of the Competition in support of restoration of buildings listed by Condephaat (ProAC).

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Beatriz Mickle

+ Carolina Leonelli│Gabriela Tamari│Ruth Troncarelli

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arquitetura: AA Arquitetos Associados, ArcFaggin e Denise Invamoto