pedestrian experience: project for Vergueiro Street

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How are spaces designed for our cities experienced by people who walk through them? What kinds of sensations do they evoke? How to create pleasant, intriguing, compelling or even unexpected experiences in our every-day lives through the design of open public spaces?

These are a few of the questions that instigate me the most and that have driven the development of my graduation project in BA Architecture and Urbanism at University of São Paulo.

Starting off with a conceptual research to establish qualities inherent of a “place” —as opposed to merely a “space”— I have subsequently designed a sequence of public open areas along Vergueiro Street, in São Paulo. The project adopted a qualitative approach, focusing on the perception of open spaces by the pedestrian. Composition of landscape elements was thoroughly explored as a means of structuring the built environment: through vegetation, street furniture, sequence of spaces creating a sense of direction, emphasising interesting views, or suggesting new facilities for leisure and small businesses.

In this research and design exercise, urban and landscape design were explored as regeneration tools that can enable underused areas of the city to thrive with life again.


Beatriz Mickle

+ tutor: Silvio Macedo│co-tutor: Fábio Mariz

Final Graduation Project – FAU USP